Irwin Stockfeeds manufactures an extensive range of quality dairy and beef products designed to assist in meeting the energy and protein demands of your herd.

With improved feed conversion efficiency, increased pasture utilisation and total feed intakes, you can expect results reflected in increased weight gains and milk production.

We offer a range of high performance grain mixes and pellets to cater for seasonal variation, from high energy in Spring, to high protein in Summer.

Our products are made with high quality grains that are milled and blended to perfection. All our products are tested as per Grain Trade Australia specifications and the ingredients in our pellets and denatured.

In addition to our own branded products, we also specialise in customised mixes, prepared to your specifications.

With a full range of additives available, including Bloat Guard, Causmag, Rumensin, Sugar and Minerals, we cater for the specific needs of any herd.

A comprehensive range of whole grains and protein meals, procured and supplied in line with Grain Trade Australia Commodity Standards are also available throughout the year.

For specialist advice tailored to your needs, please email us or phone: 03 9328 2681.

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